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At Canty Financial we help clients prepare for retirement and we give them the tools and resources to understand this next phase in life.

Our work with clients over 30 years, has given us a deep understanding of what it means to retire and how each client's situation can be completely unique.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • When can you withdraw from retirement accounts without incurring a penalty
  • When you must begin withdrawals from retirement accounts to avoid RMD penalties
  • Medicare eligibility dates
  • Full retirement age for social security

Social Security Optimization

  • How will working in retirement affect your social security benefits?
  • How to determine your expected retirement age
  • Social security retirement estimator

Health Insurance Options

  • Learn medicare and medigap basics
  • Determine health insurance options and your unique needs
  • Medicare Part A, B, C, D

Retirement Budgeting

  • Retirement income timeline to see when your different sources of income will begin.
  • Addressing debt going into retirement
  • Retirement budgeting tips

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Free Guide CTA (#6)
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