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Market Commentary & Investment Outlook Q1 2024

As we navigate through the first quarter of 2024, the economic and financial landscape presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for investors. Drawing from our analysis of recent market developments and forecasts, here's our investment commentary and rationale for our latest rebalance. Economic Resilience and Soft Landing Scenario The U.S. economy has shown […]

Tax Investment Mistakes: Real Examples We've Seen

It’s important to understand the tax implications of investment decisions because taxes can have a significant impact on your investment returns. Here are some real-life examples we’ve seen of tax investment mistakes. Misuse of IRAs and Roth IRAs There are several common tax mistakes associated with IRAs and Roth IRAs, including: Early withdrawal penalties: If […]

Rolling Over Your 401(k) When Changing Jobs for Better Management 

Changing jobs is a time of transition with a lot to do. Getting up-to-speed at your new employer is important and a top priority. When leaving a company, it’s crucial not to forget about your old 401(k) account. What to do with this retirement money is a critical decision to make during this period of […]

ETFs vs Mutual Funds: Which One is More Tax Efficient?

ETFs and mutual funds are the two main types of managed accounts for investors. The IRS tax treatment of ETFs and mutual funds is the same, however, the structure of ETFs can make them a more tax-efficient option for taxable accounts.  Let’s take a look at why ETFs are generally more tax-efficient than mutual funds.  […]

Asset Location – What is it and Should I Be Using It? 

Asset location pertains to the types of investment assets that are best held in various types of accounts. Asset location is a tax minimization strategy that matches various types of investments with the type of account best-suited for that type of investment holding.  Asset Location Basics  Asset location is about strategically holding investments in accounts […]

Is Your Company's 401(k) Plan as Good as it Could Be?

For many of us, our employer’s 401(k) plan is our primary retirement savings vehicle. Participating in the plan is generally easy and painless. Your contributions are deducted from your paycheck each pay period, there is nothing that you need to do other than select how you want your money invested. Some companies even offer a […]

Retirement Investment Mistakes to Avoid 

Retirement is a common investing goal for many people. How you invest both while saving for retirement and once you are retired is important and can have a big impact on your financial security in retirement.  Here are some retirement investment mistakes to avoid.  Saving and Investing for Retirement – the Accumulation Phase  While you […]

War in Ukraine, Market Turbulence, Recent Rebalance

Recent changes in the geopolitical environment have warranted changes to our portfolios. As the deeply disturbing war in Ukraine continues to develop, we are observing the potential impact on the stock, bond, and commodity markets across various sectors and regions.  We have decided to reposition the portfolios to adapt to the escalating conflict in Eastern […]

Why is Asset Allocation Important For Your Investment Portfolio?

Asset allocation is an investment strategy that adjusts the percentage of each holding in an investment portfolio according to the investor's risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame.  One famous industry study indicated that over 90% of the return from an investment portfolio was attributable to the portfolio’s asset allocation. While some have questioned whether […]

What is a CFP®?

CFP® stands for Certified Financial Planner. The CFP® designation is perhaps the most well-known credential in the financial planning and financial advisory space. Let’s take a look behind the CFP® designation to help you understand what is involved in earning and maintaining this important designation.  What is a CFP®?  A CFP® is someone who has […]